The turmoil surrounding the UK referendum has calmed down, volatility has stopped and liquidity is returning to the markets. The British authorities are getting ready for negotiations with the heads of the EU, while the common citizens of the UK are running to apply for Irish passports. All this can be summed up in one word – uncertainty. And this uncertainty is an additional factor for the Fed not to raise the interest rates, in addition to being very unsure about it to begin with.


With EUR/USD we are going to sell the pair at the broken ascending channel, which lies on three points:


Sell Limit 1.1170, Stop Loss 1.1240, Take Profit 1.0916.


With the American US500 index, a widening formation has formed on the daily chart, so we are going to sell the pair at the top border (around 2128.00). We shall put the stop order to the resistance zone 2133.00-2137.20:


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