In the daily chart, the price of WTI oil got back to the broken descending channel, touching it with a hammer and forming a bullish flag:


The two main possibilities could be either buying the asset at the market opening or buying when the price pulls back to the middle point of the hammer. Which in the latter case would be the level 48.60:


As for Japanese currency, we approached the lower flat boundary and are touching it with a doji. Therefore, there are multiple action possibilities. For an example, there could be an interesting signal to buy the pair at the doji or another possible approach could be opening a short position at the breakdown of the lower flat boundary:



As for Australian Dollar, we pulled away from broken horizontal level 0.7835, forming a hammer:


What comes to Oil, we could consider buying the asset at the market opening or during the pullback to the middle point of the hammer, that could be possible at the level 0.7855:


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