In the daily chart of the pair EUR/USD, we have a bearish engulfing, which has touched descending channel:

Let’s look at the 4-hour chart. Here, we have the level 1.1815, which serves as the middle point of the engulfing, and we have a possibility to wait for the pair to pull back down away from this level. This scenario could have a potentially serious outcome. Let us remind you that head and shoulders pattern is about to potentially form in the daily chart:


As for the Old Gentleman, the hammer has formed on its daily chart and is now touching the ascending channel, which got broken earlier:

In the 4-hour chart, the British Pound might jump off the resistance area, which has started to form between two horizontal levels such as the level 1.3145 (the middle of the hammer) and the level 1.3120 (local level):


The pair USD/RUB has broken the bottom base of a flag and pulled back to the broken line, trying to retreat now. The line of a broken ascending channel is crossing this point of retreat, as well. Let us note that the flag has formed right after the double top, that is, the trend reversal pattern. This makes the flag an important event to possibly consider:

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