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This Russian ruble entered the ascending triangle for the second consecutive week. It signifies the fact that the currency pair USD/RUB is about to target the 64.50 level and break through or break the triangle down. This triangle could also potentially revert the trend. All in all, we’ll have to wait and see what is about to happen to the triangle and what direction the asset is going to head:

The British pound has formed a black candle and closed behind the broken uptrend, heading down. The asset’s price will likely first gain support at the 1.2780 level and then again around the 1.2582 level. Here we should observe what is going to happen with the asset as it gets close to those levels. However I feel that it is most likely to gradually drop:

Gold broke the triangle and touched the level of 1611.00. It will either pull away or break this level through. Let’s wait and observe the candlestick formations to gain understanding of what the asset is about to do at the level of 1611.00.

The resistance of 1611.00 is most likely to get broken as the asset’s price jumped against the bullish flag and reacted to the triangle formation as well. This situation should resolve anytime soon:

Let us remind you that this material is provided for informative purposes only and cannot be considered as a direct go ahead to implement transactions in the financial markets. Trading in the financial markets is very risky.

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