Russian currency is yet again at the attack level of 65 although the resistance level did not give up so easily before. We assume that Russian ruble should approach the level 65.00 just to pull back. So far, the currency pair USD/RUB is going down against the stronger oil and high popularity of the government bonds, even despite a great deal of sanctions coming up from USA and EU.

On the other hand, this currency pair is somewhat supported through buying the currency by the Central Bank of Russian Federation within the so-called fiscal rule.

Based on the latest reports by COT CFTC, large operators keep expanding long positions when it comes to Ruble. This matter may accelerate the breakout of the level 65.00. Should the Russian ruble break the level of 65.00, the way down will be quick:

American stock index S&P500 is trying to break the level of 2815.00, and this time the asset is really doing it indeed. Here we should rely on the candlestick patterns that will signify potential price movements regarding the level of 2815.00:

The price of gold got back under the level 1302.45. Should the gold stay two more days under the horizontal line, it will most likely pull back from the level of 1302.45 and head up:

Please note that this material is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. Trading in the financial markets is very risky.

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